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Asking THOSE PEOPLE: New books spotlight 20 years of taboo cross-cultural questions

The Why Are They Like That? 12-book series finally pulls together the best content from ...

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‘Michele, Ma belle…’ OK to date her, please?

I’m 36 and just broke up after three months with a very sweet 20-year-old, Michele, ...

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Deaf, blind and doing it: how does it feel?

I’ve always been curious about how sex feels to a blind or deaf person. Are ...

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My closet’s full of Stacy’s Naked Pita Chips, so what?

Why is it that whenever I buy foods in large quantities to stock up, people ...

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Are blacks dogged by fear of canines?

Why are so many African-American people afraid of dogs? I have experienced this phenomenon in ...

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Rust-myth never sleeps: the scent of redheads

Do I imagine this, or do redheads kind of smell ‘rusty’? Nina, Gender : F, ...

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Mom: teen must bare all at nudist camp, like it or not

Is there a nudist camp in Europe that can handle my request that my son ...

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Are there strip clubs just for lesbians?

I enjoy going to strip clubs with my husband. Not only does it turn my ...

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Do people think everything is big but IQ in the Lone Star State?

Why is it that when people from non-Southern states hear my Texas accent, they seem ...

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