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Are all Trumpies toothless, backwoods racists? Or just Christian?

Why did a lot of people against Trump in the election think his supporters were toothless, backwoods racists? At the same time, how do Christians justify voting for him when he’s had affairs, bullies his foes instead of turns the other cheek, and often acts only to pad his own wallet?

Joanne, 63, white, Philadelphia, 80874


There was not enough listening. Too many fed-up scared folks got lost in all our liberal talk about polling numbers and Trump’s racism and sexism. Many rural and blue-collar, financially struggling people raised their middle fingers high at Obama and the current state of affairs. They feel their individual problems are more important than the overall progress of the very society that makes their lives livable. No one saw this coming. Who the hell pegged Wisconsin as a red state?

Oscar, 51, Latino, Washington, D.C.

We weren’t backwoods, we couldn’t deal with the mandatory healthcare. Did you try to apply? When I did, my rate was over $700 a month. I did not qualify for a “rate decrease,” and I was a single parent of two. I find that ridiculous. I took the fine and voted for the candidate who would help me most on my healthcare. No one in the media or government is talking about us. Affordable to All? If healthcare was Affordable to All, I think a lot of voters would have voted for Hillary.

Terry, 37, female, lower middle class, Des Moines, Iowa

I am a very proud Christian Republican, in that order, and hate speech from both sides needs to stop. Let’s work together in our differences and find a common ground in all of our issues. And to those against us because we as Christians and Republicans voted for Trump, if you think everyone should think like you, then MOVE. This is the U.S.A. and we all are free to support who we want without having to answer to bullies.

Sandy B., 21, white, middle class, New York

Whatever good President Obama did, those things were done by a “n***er” president, and the good Christian folks of America don’t think that is good, so Trump was their answer, as a backlash. And yes, I’ve already moved — to escape Christian hatred, intolerance and ignorance. I grieve for those thinking people who are stuck in the U.S., and for the world that will suffer because of the idiotic, science-rejecting ideology behind the Bronze Age cultists who elected this egomaniacal, criminal bully.

Lawrence R., 36, gay, professor, Bangkok, Thailand

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