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    I'm a 45 year old white guy living in a section of Brooklyn with lots of different races, and occasionally I will notice a man -- usually a black man or man of color spitting on the ground either right before or right as I walk by. Sometimes I think it seems a little disrespectful but I try not to let it get to me. Today as I was walking down the sidewalk, two young men -- a large black man and a small Pakistani (I'm not sure he was Pakistani, but many Pakistanis live in my neighborhood; this is why I make that assumption) man were walking very slowly down the street, and as I walked by the smaller man turned his head and spit a voluminous amount of saliva on the ground right before I walked by. This time it really got to me and it seemed an intentional sign of disrespect. Is this a "thing" or am I being too sensitive? I'd really love to hear from some people of color. Thanks.

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