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My closet’s full of Stacy’s Naked Pita Chips, so what?

Why is it that whenever I buy foods in large quantities to stock up, people feel the need to make sometimes rude or obnoxious comments about ‘how hungry’ I must be, or ‘gonna have a big crowd tonight,’ etc? I have a family of five and limited funds, and my wife and I both work full time and attend college. ...

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A much smaller chance for the ‘bad’ people to get in

Why do some people want to live in a gated community, even in places where crime isn’t out of hand? M-S-H, City : Salt Lake City, State : UT, Country : United States, Social class : Middle, 625 Replies: Having grown up in gated neighborhoods, I can tell you why my father chose to live in these places. It’s all ...

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A spittin’ image of poor girls and their saliva

I have noticed something – girls spitting. It tends to be lower class girls that do it. I think it’s disgusting. Why don’t they? Is it not rude in lower-class families? Niamh, Age : 18, City : Dublin, State : NA, Country : Ireland, 9444 From Dare To Aks: In our Dare To Ask column, we reported not on lower-class girls ...

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Why have kids you can barely feed?

Realizing that I would not want to work 12-14 hours a day to support kids that I created, I chose not to have any kids. My time and money are now my own, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have heard people say that NOT having kids is selfish. Yet I wonder why people have children that ...

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Hey poor people, could you tidy it up, please?

Why it is that whenever the media goes into a poor house/apartment (or when the show ‘Cops’ does), there is almost always a bare mattress on the floor and piles of clothes everywhere? Why isn’t there at least a sheet on the mattress? I understand if one could not afford a box spring/frameor dresser, but just because you are poor, ...

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Ivy mansions make me feel poor, insignificant … and nanny-less

When I go to rich areas of Montreal (like Westmount), even if I’m just walking in the street or looking around in a store, I feel out of place. I feel as if everyone must know that I don’t belong there. I feel self-conscious about my clothes and manners. Looking at those huge, gorgeous old houses with ivy all over ...

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