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Can my paralyzed friend have sex?

Are men paralyzed from the waste down able to have sex? I have a friend who is paralyzed and says he hasn’t had sex in six years. R.Wells, Gender : Female, Sexual Orientation: Straight, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Christian, Age : 23, City : Sacramento, State : CA, Country : United States, Occupation : homemaker, Education level : ...

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Deaf gay guys running around, avoiding Bette Midler songs

I have a lot of gay friends, and not one is deaf. I could imagine deafness to be an advantage if you don’t like Bette Midler or Broadway show tunes, but all kidding aside, I fail to see the connection. Also, it seems much rarer nowadays for deaf people to be sent to boarding schools. Most deaf students I’ve met ...

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Should I get down with someone in a wheelchair?

I recently met a man who was in a wheelchair. We introduced ourselves and talked for several minutes. During the time he was seated in the wheelchair, I stood in front of him, talking back and forth. He was looking up at me and I was looking down at him. After I left I began to wonder if I had ...

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Listen up: Some Deafies don’t want to become cochlear ‘Hearies’

I was born deaf, and I can say that the cochlear implant idea is offensive in more ways than one. As some of the others posted, it feels as if the Hearies are trying to “make” us one of them. That, I’m afraid, is the main reason why any parent would choose to do this to their child. They want ...

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‘I would LOVE to be that skinny … but only with bigger boobs’

I frequently use humour to ease discomfort of others regarding my disability and weight. I do not have a problem with people joking about my disabilities. HOWEVER, I am the first to bark when I feel someone is being cruel. The other day, a woman commented on another woman being ‘skinny’. In a crowded room she said ‘Look at her!’ ...

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