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Asking THOSE PEOPLE: New books spotlight 20 years of taboo cross-cultural questions

The Why Are They Like That? 12-book series finally pulls together the best content from a 20-year global project to get real people, experts and celebrities to discuss what makes us different from each other. Silly things. Sad things. Funny things. Profound things. Read with an open mind and we believe you’ll have a much better understanding of how to ...

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Are all Trumpies toothless, backwoods racists? Or just Christian?

Why did a lot of people against Trump in the election think his supporters were toothless, backwoods racists? At the same time, how do Christians justify voting for him when he’s had affairs, bullies his foes instead of turns the other cheek, and often acts only to pad his own wallet? Joanne, 63, white, Philadelphia, 80874 Replies There was not ...

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