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Do people think everything is big but IQ in the Lone Star State?

Why is it that when people from non-Southern states hear my Texas accent, they seem to automatically assume I am one of the following: A) stupid, B) a racist or C) backward, probably due to inbreeding of a rather extensive nature? Maybelle-June-Bodine, Gender : F, City : San Jose, State : CA, 196 Replies: In all honesty I think it ...

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Mixup: Do Brits really mistake a U.S. accent for a Canadian one?

For people from the United Kingdom/British Isles: What does the U.S. accent sound like to your ears? Can you distinguish different accents from state to state? Is it true that most British people confuse our accent with the Canadians? Ryan29517, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation: Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Age : 25, City : New York, State : NY, Country ...

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North Dakotan, not backward – and won’t bitch you out

I’ve lived in North Dakota my whole life. I love it. I’m not racist, redneck or uncultured. I want to start a discussion (and yes, a friendly one, I don’t intend to bitch anyone out) about these stereotypes. I understand where they came from, but don’t people realize times change? The people who most fit this stereotype (I hate to ...

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Wife-carrying, high-tech, pill-popping, suicidal, sauna-loving, mud-packing Finns overrun by reindeer

I never think about Finland, and I have even been there once. Little internal news about Finland ever hits the U.S. media. The only time Finland gets any press is during the Winter Olympics when they win a few medals in oddball sports like Biathalon and speed skating. I think the common impression of Finland in the United States is ...

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Will bidets help us clean up our act in U.S.?

Is it true that some Europeans think Americans are less than clean because we don’t have bidets in common use here? Also, is a daily bath or shower as common in Europe as it is in the United States? Aimee, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Atheist, Age : 37, City : Chicago, State : ...

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