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Packing them in at a recent college appearance.

Why do white people smell like wet dogs when they come out of the rain?

What do blind people “see” in their dreams?

Why do black people get to use the N-word?

Does size really matter?

Ever wondered something about someone of another race, gender or culture but were just too afraid or embarrassed to ask? Nationally recognized diversity advocate Phillip Milano says, go ahead. Ask!

Milano, author of I Can’t Believe You Asked That! (Penguin/Perigee), writer of the column “Dare To Ask” and founder of the ground-breaking YouDareToAsk.com (formerly yforum.com) brings his no-holds-barred program about race, sex, religion – and more – to college campuses, non-profits and corporations. His take-no-prisoners presentations tear off the blinders of decorum, re-awakening our child-like curiosity and giving us the tools we need to discuss taboo topics we’re dying to know about each other. It’s a powerful experience that has audiences not only rolling in the aisles, but questioning their own biases and gaining profound new insights into themselves and others.

YouDareToAsk.com invites users to ask and answer touchy questions, without fear of judgment. Since 1998, 10 million people have visited the site, contributing tens of thousands of postings, which Phillip supplements with answers from experts. His project has been lauded by hundreds of national and foreign media, including USA Today, The New York Times, CNN, FOX News, BET, CBS, Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post, Playboy, Air America Radio, the BBC, Le Monde, Entertainment Weekly, Newsday, The (London) Guardian, Boston Globe and many more. Phillip Milano is author of “I Can’t Believe You Asked That!” (Perigee), writer of the “Dare To Ask” column and founder of YouDareToAsk.com. The veteran newspaper editor is also creator of The National Diversity Newspaper Job Bank and is former chair of the Recruitment and Youth Development Committee of The Newspaper Association of America’s Diversity Board. Phillip received his MBA from Northern Illinois University and bachelor’s degree in journalism from Southern Illinois University. The transplanted Midwesterner lives in Florida with his wife and three children.


“Race is one of the most difficult topics on the American social landscape. Phillip Milano, however, plunges right in. He navigates that tricky terrain with a great dexterity and enviable sure footedness. Milano makes race and other differences less scary – and more accessible – to the average observer. Recommend him highly.”

Princeton University

“Thank you for speaking at the Finding Better Ways conference. Your talk was a perfect blend of humor and serious thoughts and ideas. We appreciate your taking the time to share with us how we can learn from each other to be sensitive to differences. The conference was a huge success, due in large part to your presentation.”

Child Welfare League of America


“The Michigan Public Relations Society of America State Conference was very well received this year. We continue to receive positive feedback on the session topics and quality of speakers. You were a major contributor to our success.”

Michigan PRSA

“Phillip and the event were wonderful! Very engaging, informative and interesting. Had many evening class students glued to their seats — a first for my evening programs! So well done.”

  Schenectady County Community College

“Very entertaining and enlightening – gave new understanding … Excellent presenter. Opened a new door to the world. … It was uplifting to see how open discussion of our differences can lead to the road of understanding and acceptance for all types of people.”

Ocean County Library System, Lakewood, N.J.

“We highly enjoyed Phillip Milano. He was able to take sensitive issues and help the audience ease its way into topics that could otherwise be extremely tense or uncomfortable. … The talks were extremely engaging, informative, open, and honest. Students and employees are still talking. This was an excellent fit for our mission to recognize diversity and inclusion at the college.”

                                                            Forsyth Technical Community College

“Your presentation was great! All the students I spoke with following your talk loved it. It was insightful, thought-provoking, provocative, fun and funny. You’ve got a real gem.”

Central College

“Our students really enjoyed the discussion. They began raising their hands and asking questions…which led to some great discussion. The discussion about race got so in depth that he went over his slotted time! His presentation is very informational and classy. He discusses topics that can be taboo in a very tactful manner. In all, faculty, staff and especially students all enjoyed the program!”

Monroe Community College

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Cross-Cultural Competency


A powerful 30-45 minute keynote presentation based on Yforum.com (now YouDareToAsk.com) that shows participants that being willing to participate in a no-holds-barred “diversity dialogue” can help them discover their own cultural biases, and replace them with a more effective way of communicating and appreciating people from cultures different from our own.

Now Phillip has emerged as unique and powerful among a sea of diversity trainers. His unstructured, unpredictable and often hilarious sessions teach people how to engage in honest and enlightening dialogues about cultural differences. The inspiring result is a more positive, authentic and productive environment for people to work, live, and learn. Phillip’s presentations start off where many other diversity speakers leave off: discussing real-life examples of questions and then engaging in on-the-spot discussions about cultural differences. Phillip’s training sessions create more than just a temporary buzz;: they give participants effective tools to create cross-cultural dialogues from this day forward.

Today’s politically correct culture often stifles our natural curiosity about people different from ourselves and keeps us from asking the questions that are really on our mind. Phillip gives people effective tools, real-life examples and a web site that will help them better relate, respond to and respect the differences that make up the many cultures of America. He shows participants how to get real about asking, answering and learning about themselves and each other. The result is a greater understanding and appreciation of differences as well as the tools to tackle sensitive subjects in the future.