Question for White Males, Explain Your Obsession with O.J. Simpson

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    OJ Simpson Those of us born in the USA from the 1920's to thru the 90's we are aware of who OJ Simpson is and the double homicide he as accused and acquitted of. They are many people in American society, some famous , many commoners, that have been put on trial in a Court of Law with Judge, Prosecutors, and Jury and found Not Guilty even if the media representation of the court trial suggested the accused was indeed guilty of murder, with a substantial degree of incriminating evidence. My question for white males, Why do still have this ongoing obsession with OJ Simpson 20 years after the fact, when you don't have the same obsession with other people acquitted of murder charges in high profile cases ? You obsess about OJ , but not about Casey Anthony....Why ? You obsess about OJ, but not about Robert Blake ... Why ? You obsess about OJ, but not about Claus Von Bulow (2 Trails)..Why ? If Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman were Black , would you care at all about OJ? Please reply with honesty

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    Name : Bubjay, Gender : Male, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Disability : None, Race : African American, Religion : Christian Non Denomiational, Age : 48, City : Detroit, State : Michigan Country : USA, Occupation : Engineering, Education level : Masters, Social class : Middle, 
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