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The War On … ‘Feliz Navidad’?

Why in the media is the Christmas greeting now 95 percent “Happy Holidays,” but when other language are shown near it, the phrase “Feliz Navidad” is shown? It means “Merry Christmas” in Spanish. So why in the United States is it proper to use “Merry Christmas” in Spanish but not in English? robs, City : hobe sound, State : FL, ...

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‘A generation of spoiled brats’ gave us the JAP stereotype

In the New York area, the period after World War II saw many second- and third-generation Jewish immigrants become prosperous and extremely upwardly mobile. Given that fathers often dote on their daughters, and that there was a generation of fathers who suddenly had money, the result was a generation of spoiled brats. With New York being a media center, the ...

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‘I’m not plotting against Americans, but if I wanted to, I’d taint our ketchup supply’

I’m not plotting against Americans, nobody I know is. But hey, if I wanted to, I’d taint our ketchup supply, because America loves ketchup…. After 9/11, I’m at the airport and told the woman at the counter I’m a comic and I was running late … she says ‘Say something funny.’ I said, ‘OK, I just graduated from flight school.’ ...

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Is doing yoga really un-Christian?

I’ve been doing yoga for quite some time, and a ‘friend’ of mine recently told me that by doing yoga, I was acting against God. Anyways, I know that the practice of yoga comes from India, but I’m just curious as to how doing it is supposedly ‘ungodly’. AliO, City : Hatteras, State : NC, Country : United States, 2712 ...

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A (big) hairy way to get $$$ from Christian ‘trailer park trash’

They are targeting an audience (using very sophisticated marketing research) in order to garnish the most money possible. That target seems to be (and I hate to use this phrase) ‘trailer park trash.’ Then look at the Sunday morning fare on regular network TV – shows such as ‘Hour of Power.’ This is from a mainstream church with modern, somewhat ...

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