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Are there strip clubs just for lesbians?

I enjoy going to strip clubs with my husband. Not only does it turn my husband on, but I really enjoy getting a table dance from a sexy, gorgeous woman. I am wondering if lesbians and bisexual women go to strip clubs. If so, do you go to ‘gentleman’s clubs,’ or are there strip clubs specifically for lesbians that I’m ...

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Do only lesbians ‘turn straight’?

I have heard some discussion about lesbian women who go on to marry or live with men in heterosexual relationships. I have seen this phenomenon with a few lesbians I know. However, I have never heard of a case where a gay man decides to marry or live with a woman. Why is this? Is male sexuality more ‘hard wired’ ...

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Are straight guys flattered by gay crushes?

I am a very masculine homosexual male, and I easily find myself being noticed by heterosexual males who know what my sexuality is. Why do some straight males go that extra mile to gain the attention of certain homosexual males? Is it because they are flattered by gay crushes or are they simply interested. It’s a mystery I have yet ...

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Maybe ‘fag hags’ have homophilia, not homophobia

If we’re going to get persnickety — and you already have; this is a correction to your own contribution — using the term ‘Neo HomoPhobia’ to describe fag hags makes no sense at all. A more accurate term might be homophilia, the liking of homosexuals: the ‘neo’ is entirely redundant. In any case, I have yet to meet someone who ...

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You don’t fall in love with the ‘outside bits’

I am not an expert on this and would prefer to see a reply from a member of the Transexual/Transgender community, but … ‘Sex changes’ do not happen overnight. Someone doesn’t just wake up in the morning and say ‘Oh Wait, I am a guy/girl.’ The fact of being transgender would exist before the relationship began and would therefore to ...

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