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Listen up: Some Deafies don’t want to become cochlear ‘Hearies’

I was born deaf, and I can say that the cochlear implant idea is offensive in more ways than one. As some of the others posted, it feels as if the Hearies are trying to “make” us one of them. That, I’m afraid, is the main reason why any parent would choose to do this to their child. They want their deaf child to BE hearing. Plus, not only is the skull being drilled into, but also the inner ear is destroyed in order for the implant wiring to be connected. For that reason, there is only one implant given. That, and if the child is given this, that eliminates any sports opportunities. Football? Forget it. Basketball? Nope. These sports would pose a risk of destroying the implant and possibly additional injury to the child.

Ashley, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation: Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Age : 24, City : St. Augustine, State : FL, Country : United States, Disability : Deaf, Social class : Middle class, 15381

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Why do so many hearing-impaired or deaf people often become so offended about the possibility of hearing or cochlear implants? What is wrong with hearing?

Tyler-ORiley32488, Gender : M, Age : 22, City : Salt Lake City, State : UT, Country : United States, Social class : Middle class

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