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‘A generation of spoiled brats’ gave us the JAP stereotype

In the New York area, the period after World War II saw many second- and third-generation Jewish immigrants become prosperous and extremely upwardly mobile. Given that fathers often dote on their daughters, and that there was a generation of fathers who suddenly had money, the result was a generation of spoiled brats. With New York being a media center, the stereotype (of the Jewish American Princess) became a stock in trade for the entertainment industry, which, in New York, had a lot of Jews working in it. Why no Italian-American Princess stereotype? No real reason, other than the particular combination didn’t occur at the right time in the right place.

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I think a better question would be: What is it about anti-Semites and mysogynist Jewish men (eg Philip Roth) that leads them to coin slurs for Jewish women? Why assume Jewish women have done something to merit this label?

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What is the origin of the word ‘JAP’ (‘Jewish American Princess’)? What is it about the habits of Jewish women that would inspire such a label?

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Note: The stereotyped image of the entitled, overindulged Jewish woman first found legs in Herman Wouk’s 1955 novel Marjorie Morningstar and Philip Roth’s Goodbye, Columbus, published in 1959.  The term JAP to describe the stereotype seems to have surfaced in the 1970s in non-fiction magazine articles.

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