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Let kids drink at 14 so they don’t drive drunk at 16

The drinking age is 21 here in the States. But over in other countries it’s set at a younger age or no age at all. Here you hear almost every day about a teen dying in a car accident related to drunk driving. But in other countries that rarely happens because their used to drinking and know all the risks to it and have built up tolerance. Wouldn’t it make sense to change the drinking age to 14 or 15 so kids can’t drive drunk and by the time they can they will understand the risks of it and become more aware on how dangerous it really is?

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In this country, we have a very Puritanical view of alcohol (among other things.) We don’t teach our children to drink responsibly. We make drinking this “reward” you get when you reach 21. And we regale them (maybe through our talking to friends when they’re in the room) about how much fun we had when drinking and all the situations we got ourselves into, and we’re laughing about it and they see that and think: “That’s a good thing if they’re laughing about it. I want to do it.” But they can’t. Because they’re only 14 or 15. They see their parents/aunts/uncles/cousins/family friends getting drunk at family gatherings, but they’re not allowed. Kids, when they’re forbidden to do something, seem to go out of their way to do whatever it is they were told they can’t do.

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A lot of other countries have much more stringent driving tests and a much higher use of public transportation, which is probably one of the reasons some have a higher speed limit as well.

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Only in the U.S. do teenagers expect access to a car when they turn 16.

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