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A spittin’ image of poor girls and their saliva

I have noticed something – girls spitting. It tends to be lower class girls that do it. I think it’s disgusting. Why don’t they? Is it not rude in lower-class families?

Niamh, Age : 18, City : Dublin, State : NA, Country : Ireland, 9444

From Dare To Aks:

In our Dare To Ask column, we reported not on lower-class girls spitting, but men spitting in public (which some still might say is low class). Here’s a brief part of our take:

Our trajectory of research had hit a snag, and we didn’t expectorate that Emily Post’s great-grandson would call back, but that was before we learned he’d devoted an entire section of his etiquette book “Essential Manners for Men” to this issue.

“What’s humorous is that when I submitted that part to my editor, she said ‘Why on earth do you need a section on spitting?’ She was aghast … couldn’t believe there’s even any discussion,” said Peter Post, director of the Emily Post Institute. “Then she came back and said she had to eat her words. She’d shown her husband, and he gave her a half-hour harangue about when spitting is OK and when it’s not.”

… Generally, in mixed company, swallow your enthusiasm, advised Post, who wonders whether men let fly as a result of “field of combat” historical indoctrination.

“Possibly they were involved in these things where it was the male-only bastion area [in battle or athletics], and all of a sudden, those gross forms were accepted.”

And if you’re a heavy-hitter when it comes to spitting, Post had some advice:

“Don’t go to Singapore. It’s against the law.”

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