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Dare To Ask is all about your dialogue – a living chronicle of where we’re at on the hot-button, taboo cross-cultural topics of our times. We encourage you to sign up to post in the forums or comment on blog items. Before posting, review our guidelines below. You may also want to read about ageism, disabilitydiversity, racism, religionsexism and sexuality.

The fast rules:

Ask, Answer, Learn, Push Things, Play Fair, Stay On Topic, Have Fun.

The slower rules:

Fill in your User Profile as much as you can, to add context to your postings.

Be brief but specific, with examples and descriptions.

Avoid assuming, politicizing or moralizing — you’ll get better responses.

Engage mostly with people who are different from you.

Write to learn, inform, reveal, jolt, enlighten or uplift.

Ask to get answers, not just to stir things up.

Be provocative and edgy, not mean or hateful.

Add to threads if something looks incomplete, unclear or wrong.

Please report something that is out of bounds, either by using the “report” link on comments or forum posts, or by our contact form. Offensive is OK, nasty is not.

We may edit, shorten or delete postings if need be. Here’s our User Agreement, and how to contact us.

Thanks for coming. Here is some more about who is doing thiswhat this is about and what has been said about it.