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Corrections officers setting up ‘gladiator fights’?

What on earth are prison guards doing while prisoners are being attacked, raped, forming gangs, etc. in the facility? Why can this not be prevented? Prisoners are there to suffer the penalty of loss of freedom, not to undergo physical harm. Are there too few guards, or is it that they just don’t care?

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My friends who have done time say it is often some of the guards themselves who instigate much of the violence. They deliberately set up these ‘gladiator fights,’ as they call them, to break the will of new prisoners, to set up prisoners they believe to be ‘troublemakers,’ to get at prisoners who were convicted of certain crimes such as child molesting, or just for their own entertainment. Some of the guards are also just plain crooked and paid by the prison gangs to look the other way. Of course no one does anything about this because some would complain that to do so would be ‘getting soft on crime’. Most people just plain don’t care about people in prison except to give them even more time.

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I am a Corrections Officer at a Federal Prison. I have 8 years’ experience in corrections and a total of 12 in law enforcement. The inmates who go to prison and prey on other criminals are thugs. Just as a common crook on the ‘outside’, he does the crime not intending to be seen and/or caught. How many muggers have you heard of that assaulted someone while the ‘cop’ was standing right down the street watching? How many police officers catch criminals in the act? Very few. It is the same on the inside as the outside. A police officer can only be in one place at a time. We are severely outnumbered and are often times ‘given’ a small crime so our attention is diverted from the larger one. I supervise 136 inmates by myself. I try my best but I cannot watch them all at the same time. Plus we have other duties which diverts our attention. I can list many assaults and incidents which occurred because the inmates know we cannot watch them constantly.

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