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Do people think everything is big but IQ in the Lone Star State?

Why is it that when people from non-Southern states hear my Texas accent, they seem to automatically assume I am one of the following: A) stupid, B) a racist or C) backward, probably due to inbreeding of a rather extensive nature?

Maybelle-June-Bodine, Gender : F, City : San Jose, State : CA, 196


In all honesty I think it has to do with the media portraying that area as being so conservative, and most people, at least around here, consider conservatism to be ‘old-fashioned’ for lack of a better description.

Drew C, Gender : M, City : Fairfield, State : IA

I think this is another of the evils in modern society that can be laid at Hollywood’s doorstep. If you want to make a show about well-educated, well-adjusted, attractive young professionals, you set it in New York or Chicago or L.A. If you want to make a show about people who drive around in an ugly orange American car with the doors welded shut, foiling the evil plans of the crooked local judge and sheriff, you set it in the South. And then, to add insult to injury, you give the strongest Southern accents to the stupidest or most crooked characters.

Mark, Alexandria, VA

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