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Why don’t old people bathe more often?

Why do many senior citizens view a daily shave (for men) as virtually mandatory, while daily bathing of the whole body is pretty much a matter of personal preference? The only reason I shave is that I am out in the working world; if I were retired, I would not shave at all except occasionally to trim areas of my face where the beard is very sparse. Yet retired senior men ‘have’ to shave daily, it seems. Moreover, if you go back and look at attitudes 60 to 75 years ago, a daily bath or shower was not seen as mandatory. A Boy Scout book I read from the 1940s urged a soap bath two or three times a week. I would feel dirty if I did not shower daily. My father worked as a physician’s aide when he was growing up, and the doctor took a bath once a week, yet shaved every day. Aside from the obvious impediment of inadequate plumbing, why do people of all ages not bathe daily? I would much rather have clean hair and a full beard, washed daily, than be meticulous about my facial hair and have the rest of my body unwashed.

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