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They may be ‘young and plumptious,’ but I don’t always want to hook up

Thanks for the question. It really made me think, and I may not be proud of all that I am going to say. First, we are all people. Anyone can “try to talk” to anyone. Did you mean talk, or what in England I would call “Chat up” or try to “Pick up”? Second, some young girls do want to hook up with older men. In my early forties, I went out for three years with a girl who was 18 when we met. I was older than her father, and he liked it about as much as I imagine I would have done in his shoes. Third, it is biological: Mid- to late teens (I assume this is your “young”) is when human females are most desireable to human males. It is the age at which men first start to notice women, and some of us get stuck at that age. But then I went out for seven years with a woman of my own age, and it was wonderful! No rush, no feeling I had to perform, just enjoyed all of each other, and I wish it had not ended (yeah, I deceived and betrayed her).

I still fancy young girls; I am flattered when they do talk to me, and if I can manage to pretend that they are ordinary people for long enough, they turn into ordinary people. I try to be accepted, but struggle with the awareness that they are, indeed, young and plumptious. But do not assume that all older men want to hook up with you; some really have got things under control, and may have interesting things to say. As Christopher D. says, see how they are with you, and break off if you do not like what you hear.

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Why do older men try to talk to young girls? Do they actually think I am going to want to hook up with someone three times my age who I don’t even know? To older men who have done this: Why?

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