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Sexual Orientation Questions 1-10

THE QUESTION: SO10: Why do some straight people assume that the children of a gay couple will become gay? I, like most gay men, came from straight parents, yet I’m gay. POSTED MARCH 19, 1998 Mike O., Ann Arbor, MI ANSWER 1: In my opinon, many people who are naive about the origins of human sexuality believe children are inherently ...

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Sexual Orientation Questions 11-20

THE QUESTION: SO20: What does the symbol of the rainbow stand for in the gay community? POSTED MARCH 28, 1998 L.C., <loose450@aol.com> Waterford, MI ANSWER 1: The rainbow signifies the attitude of the gay community: We accept all colors, races, ethnicities, religions, etc. POSTED APRIL 3, 1998 Bee, New York City FURTHER NOTICE: Bee’s response, though touching, is awfully optimistic. ...

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Sexual Orientation Questions 21-30

THE QUESTION: SO30: Why does it seem that gay people are obsessed with having sex at public rest areas? POSTED MAY 4, 1998 John S., Detroit, MI ANSWER 1: I’m 32 and gay, and in all my years have never encountered nor have ever engaged in sex at a rest area. I will agree that some gay males have sex ...

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Sexual Orientation Questions 31-40

THE QUESTION: SO40: Are there any specific reasons for the lisp many gay men have when they talk? POSTED JUNE 3, 1998 Dan J., 32, white male, Sonoma County, CA (Similar questions posted June 23, 1998, by Mark, straight male, Chicago, IL; and Oct. 7, 1998, by Yvonne G., straight white female, 41, Carlsbad, CA) ANSWER 1: I’m sure some ...

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Sexual Orientation Questions 41-50

THE QUESTION: SO50: I’m a straight female, but like many others, it seems, I constantly find myself becoming desperately attracted to gay men, a.k.a. a “fag-hag.” I won’t go into the reasons for that, but what I need to know is: How does this make homosexual males feel? Is it strange when you know someone like myself feels this way? ...

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Sexual Orientation Questions 51-60

THE QUESTION: SO60: How do straight men feel about other men flirting with them? POSTED JULY 18, 1998 David, 35, Houston, TX ANSWER 1: I think it depends on intent and familiarity. If a gay man knows I’m straight and is seriously trying to pick me up, I’d have a problem with that. But if it’s a friend joking with ...

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