Why ravers continue to say Its ALL about the music

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    J Child
    Why is it that everytime you mention raves around ravers, they say its all about the music. Not only when its in the news or in the paper..but on personal levels too. I understand that when it becomes public that 'they' want to make it look like raves are a 'clean, safe' place to prevent the next party from getting raided, but their only kidding themselves. The public knows what goes on by now and the police sure as hell knows what's going on! Yeah I know electronica music is growing fast due to the popularity of raves, but before a person ever tried rolling (using ecstacy), I'm sure they never listened or prefered techno. They were either punk rockers or hip hoppers. After using and liking X, they start to like it because it kinda goes with the whole rolling experience, but that fixation on techno is completely drug enduced. Who in their right 'sober' mind would actually enjoy techno without being wired to the gorde. Come on now, who really listens to drum-n-bass or trance on their way to work or when they wake up in the morning (unless their cracked out from the night before). Don't get me wrong now, I've been to my share of raves but like 98% of techno is awful to the sober ear. And only like 15% to 20% of it is actually 'good' while being drugged up. Raves are the big fad now...because where else can someone who got picked on in school or bullied around as a kid go and be cool. Everyone is so high on X and other things that anyone can get along with anyone(minus a few types of rave attendees,like the old skool hardcore ravers that are so cracked out that their brain really looks like that frying egg in the 'say no to drugs' comercial).The bottom line is, ravers are only kidding themselves when they say its ALL about the music. Stop making yourselves look stupid. Be honest. Tell yourself and others that ask about raves that your in it for the buzz...Everything else involved is just an added bonus. As a former raver and drug user....I would like to state that: Raves are places to find and use drugs!!! The music only tags along for the ride to mask the appearence that the venue is a concert event when its really one big crackhouse...or X-house. Please give me your thoughts or feedback about this subject. Someone prove me wrong please!

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