Fascination With Periods

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    Just over a month ago, I posted a very sincere plea for information about attitudes toward menstruation (see Sensitive Issues). In the time since, there have been only four responses, which has been disappointing but not altogether surprising. I have had the opportunity to personally thank two of the women who responded, and to the two others, many thanks also for your candor! I'll again plead for all of the inputs that readers are willing to give. To the women out there, I truly understand how, on one hand, you would be reluctant to discuss your periods with the men in your lives. (Why would you WANT to, when so many men cringe or even flee at the mere mention of words such as tampon, cramps or spotting? That can't feel particularly flattering!) On the other hand, please realize that something that is so very common in your lives is absolutely not a part of our life experience as men, and the only way we can get information is to ask. Will those women who are willing to share their candid feelings on menstruation and how it affects your lives PLEASE give me some feedback? Thanks so much!

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    Name : Bob, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Humanist, City : Virginia Beach, State : VA Country : United States, Occupation : Graduate student, Education level : Over 4 Years of College, 
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