Children of suicide bombers

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    Mothers and fathers load themselves with explosives to attain martyrdom and to protect their people from the hated enemy. Afterward, who takes care of their children? What happens to them in the future?

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    For the most part: They are raised by the next of kin or other social support structures. They mourn their parents and have a funeral. They go to school for 1-13 years. They go to college or get a job. Then they have children. Those children grow up and themselves get jobs and have children. Ideally, their children will outlive them. You could ask the same question of the children of soldiers in Iraq.

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    Actually the whole reason the US deemed Saddam Hussein a "terrorist" was because he was giving 25K per family to the survivors of Palestinian suicide bombers. Barring that kind of help, Hamas, Hezbollah and agencies like that help out. This is why those organizations have such overwhelming support in the poor sections of the Muslim world. In some cases they are the only means of support people have. But one assumes that extended family, if they can afford it, chip in too. Most people recruited to blow themselves up are young enough that they don't have many dependents. I think that's by design. Leaving one or two kids and a young wife who can remarry is easier than sending a man with ten children off to kill himself. As for the future, that is our call to make. Will we continue

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