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Floyd L.
Steve, we have all of those statistics, or the "truth," as you call them, that we need. Missing is understanding and a will to act responsibly on it. That understanding would inform us that sensationalizing those statistics to camouflage the deep problems in "the psyche of the white male" suggested in the question is one of the most dangerous of the stupid alternatives to which I alluded. Your statistics have been quoted and misused so often by those pursuing narrow-minded agendas as to discredit any other intended use of them.

Blacks have been uniquely stressed here for 400 years, and your statistics are largely, if not mostly, symptomatic of that stress. But white males have endured no such stresses here. So what impels them, the most advantaged members of this society, to commit the most heinous crimes in this society begs to be understood. You cannot adequately gauge our problems through looking only at their impacts on our most disadvantaged members. You must rigorously scrutinize the aberrant behavior of our most advantaged members to understand how profound is our society's sickness.

When we match our enthusiasm for quoting old black crime statistics with an equal enthusiasm for understanding the sickness underlying those horrific examples of white mayhem, including whites males dragging blacks to death, bands of white cops shooting up black males like targets on a firing range and white cops sodomizing black males in their custody, we'll be much better equipped to ward off future Columbines, Conyers, etc. You've gotten the statistics, you've gotten the facts. Fine. But quoting from the Bible, "...of all of thy getting, get an understanding."

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