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    I have a friend that is a twenty two year old black male. He is very smart and attends a local college in mississippi. One day he made the comment about Reperations. He said that he deserved to be given something from the Government because he was 'black'. My question is, 'why'? Why does any twenty two year old need reperations? I agree that his great grandmother and even his grandmother have been treated very bad in there lives, but he should not be paid for that. Out of the 16,000 people that live in my town 65% of them are black. I was the only white kid in my JR. High school. I have been discriminated against more than he has and I have never asked for anything. I just don't see why he feels like he should be rewarded for being a specific color.

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    Name : jon27124, City : cleveland, State : MS Country : United States, 
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