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I can agree with you in terms of why people decide to decorate themselves, facial or otherwise, with piercings and tattoos. I am not a fan of tongue piercing because it just doesn't look right. I have tolerated it and just ignored it when I see it on other people. Then, of course, there is also the argument of being an individual and standing out among the crowd, and doing your own thing. Well, if you are getting ink done or having something pierced to stand out, it's going to look like nobody is unique, because a good majority of people, male and female, have ink and have piercings. It's not what the tattoo looks like or where you got it pierced, it's the principle of the act. I have no ink done, nor anything pierced, because as I get older, I will realize that what I had done in my youth was disgusting and wild and crazy. Imagine an 80-year-old lady with a whole bunch of holes in her ears, face, etc., and faded ink on wrinkling skin. Now see if your grandchildren don't bug out when they see that. Regarding people who mark their faces: again, no need to speak of freedom and individuality because everyone else has something pierced or tattooed as well. For my age I am somewhat old school when it comes to the way someone looks. I don't like the whole one million dragons, old English letters of a last name, and other figures scrawled all over the human body. Although I do understand it is what makes the personality of the person, doesn't the character of that person make them who they are? In terms of the whole employment thing, I doubt these people with their noses pierced and chains connecting it to their nipples, ears, etc., are looking into working in the arena of corporate life. They will have to settle for jobs that allow such things as that

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