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Many people do have 'Jesus-free weddings.' It is their choice. If we are Christians, though, whether Protestant, Catholic, Pentecostal, etc., how should we view any religious practices? Do these practices please God? For example, Jesus told the Jews their 'house was abandoned.' In other words, the people were no longer the 'chosen people.' Their form of worship was worthless. As Jesus said at John 4:24, 'Worship with spirit and truth.' Notice the word 'truth.' It tells us two major things: That there is a right way to worship God, and only ONE right way. Different religions worshiping God in different ways can't all be correct. If one isn't worshipping God by the Bible, how can we be worshipping God correctly? Jesus said at John 17:17, 'your word (the Bible) is truth.' So it is only the Bible that is our instruction book on how to worship God.

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Name : Peter Briant, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Jehovahs Witness, Age : 38, City : Melbourne, State : NA Country : Australia, Occupation : storeman, Education level : Less than High School Diploma, Social class : Middle class,