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Victor C.
Afew years ago I was trapped. I didn't know what to believe so over the past few years I have come to realise in order to turely understand the world that I would have to accept everything as it is because to prove one thing true and all others false is impossible unless your one of those who has a supreme understanding of the universe worked out to a mathematical equation. If you did you would probably all ready know that every thing must be true because if some thing is false then it must not exist. As for world religions when your studying one religion accept it's views and beliefs as true just don't try to push it of on others because their trying to come frome the point of view of their own religion. When you get tired of one religion you have to deside to make a go of it and find out what your supposed to believe and prove it for yourself or prove something else. In my case I christian but when I study bhuddism I simply believe what the bhuddist believe other wise studying buddism will leave with a bunch of confusing facts that all contradict each other. Believe every thing in it's own perspective.

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