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The main reason is the same reason young men do anything - SEX - don't fool yourself, there is no other reason. We have this idea that when women see part of your underwear, they want to find out what's inside it. Much in the same way men think when we see a woman's underwear. The funny thing is that now the younger generation of up and coming full-fledged horndogs don't show their underwear band, they just don't put them on and show just as low. I don't get that, I mean they did merely take it a step further than when I was 18, but now you see 18 and 19 year old groups of dudes walking around with no shirt on and their pubes hanging out the top of their jeans. (which on a funny side note, the style is starting to allow even the toughest guys to wear girls jeans, since I guess they couldn't get mens jeans tight and cut low enough. Theres a mental picture you don't want.)

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