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I live way up in the mountians, in Steamboat Springs, where it is much colder, and when you live in cold areas like Colorado, you get used to the cold. Another plus is that the area is a dry climate, which hardly bothers me when it is cold and not blowing. In fact, I love wearing shorts or tank tops whenever I can, because it can get tiring when I wear pants or long-sleeve shirts and even jackets (any kind) for a long time. So I wear it whenever I can. Like John B. said, wearing layers and layers of clothes can be cumbersome. You really get used to it, and you'll learn how to not mind the cold so much.

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Name : E-Henry25417, Gender : F, Race : White/Caucasian, Age : 18, City : Steamboat Springs, State : CO Country : United States, Education level : High School Diploma,