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It depends how religious you are. If the two are 'technically' of different religions because they were brought up that way, but do not practice, nor intend to start, then really, they are of the same religion (none), and it doesn't really matter. On the other hand, if they truly are different, then in my opinion it is a serious problem. The reason is that differing religions are fundamentally different and mutually incompatible. I'm not referring to different Protestant denominations, but different faiths completely. It's not just a matter of observing different customs and holidays. There are fundamental spiritual ideas, and anyone who is serious about spirituality cannot be true to his or her own faith and allow conflicting observances in the household. As an example, in the case of a Jewish/Christian match (because this may be common), many Christians appear to think Jews are merely Christians who have not matured spiritually, but this is a belief founded in ignorance, and a Jew who allows Christian practices and rites within a marriage has abandoned the fundamental part of his spirituality.

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