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I think your impression of Americans is innacurate. I don't own a handgun and I don't know any of my neighbors that have a handgun. I am not opposed to guns. When i was a boy, i lived in a rural area and I used to hunt and shoot targets. Now that I live in an urban area, there is not much opportunity to shoot, so I no longer own a gun. I feel relatively save in my neighborhood. I don't fell the need to be armed for my personal protection. If I did, I would not bother with a handgun. A shotgun is the only way to go for home protection. Handguns are terribly inaccurate even in the hands of a trained shooter. There are numerous examples of gunfights between two individuals with handguns exchanging a dozen shots and never hitting the intended target. Unless you find yourself within spitting distance, hanguns are pretty ineffective. I know there are lots of you out there who are very good shots on the practice range, but it's way different when it's dark, you're scared and someone is shooting back. The problem with banning handguns is that it probably would not be effective. We have lots of laws regarding guns that are not being obeyed or adequately enforced. If a handgun ban were effective, it would force the bad guys to use more effective weapons such as shotguns and rifles.

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