We (gypsies) are not BAD

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    Turn on the news , how many times have you seen a story or a major headline on a news paper about a gypsy man or women killing , raping , robbing a bank , although us gypsies do have our fair share of judgement coming to us there are lots of things a gypsy will not do for fear of carma and god , americans are killing each other on the streets for nothing , and abusing and molesting babies , ya we all work for ourselves and the days of straight out stealing are long gone , so because we may be able to talk some one into getting some work done for an unfair price or something of that matter , excludes us from being dirty, filthy low life theives , so untill CNN doesnt have any blacks , whites, mexicans aisians or any other culture killing abusing kidnapping or raping others and babies for that matter every one can dog the gypsies for some over priced work twisting some ones arm to get some work.....it happens all day even the little mechanic down the street does it , but i dont see blog after blog about his family , culture or how he was raised..... God bless all, we all need gods help and are sinners in need of a savior ...JESUS CHRIST

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