Reply To: Why do people think Trump supporters are backwoods racists?


The media went for the juiciest "stories" (mostly made up) and found the bottom of the barrel on both sides so it would appear to both parties that the other party is any given number of unappealing titles or names. The bottom line is that both Trump and Clinton were terrible choices and most people tried to chose the "lesser of two evils" and or picked the candidate that would most help their financial situation. The entire government is corrupt and disgusting and the more we as a nation are divided by fake news and financial status, the more this corruption will grow and the more control the government will have. If we the people could stand together stronger then perhaps we would demand better from our elected officials and the corruption would decrease. I say decrease because I don't believe that any nation including ours could ever completely wipe out corruption, but I do believe it could be better!

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