Reply To: Why did Christians vote for Donald Trump?


Wow Lawrence. I'm sorry that you are not pleased with the election outcome. I am Christian and did vote for Trump. I did vote for President Obama before and have no problem saying I did. At the end of the day, I will speak for myself and say there are a few who believe as you say, but not the majority. I have a child with a disability and saw what Trump did in mockery. As a Christian I don't agree with it at all. I have had to fight for acceptance and rights from day one. At the same time, I had to vote for the candidate who could change things that I cannot. I will continue to advocate for my daughter, and yes, it pisses me off that he did and said what he did. But every single presidential candidate says a whole bunch of things and promises a ton. Every single presidential candidate lies. All we can do now is continue being upstanding good Americans. In four years, we will see where we stand. Believe me, the things I saw on both sides of the campaign from both candidates ... If I were either one of their parents, they'd be grounded!

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