Reply To: Why do people think Trump supporters are backwoods racists?


Hillary voters needed to open their eyes and see the entire picture. Take my dad, he's a construction worker. I love him, but I will be the first to say, he can be brash in his words. Most times, he'll only give it to who he feels comfortable giving it to, but unfortunately sometimes, I don't think he realizes that his words do sting. I will tell you, I've only seen my Dad cry twice in my life. When his Dad died and when he saw me at the hospital for the first time after my daughter was born with cerebral palsy. So, even though he comes off as a Grinch, I know he has a heart. He may not be technology inclined, untraveled, believes in working for his money and holds many "Republican" beliefs, but he is one of the hardest-working people I know. I know I couldn't put in the physical labor that he has over the years. People need to put things in perspective and keep an open mind to the beliefs and words of people like him, knowing that his are very different from theirs

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Name : Brendan-W, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White, Age : 29, State : Maine Country : United States,