Reply To: Rock and rap: Are they good or bad things?


Many have responded in this manner, but... As a man that is pursuing a career in music production and has listened to countless bands from any conceivable genre, Music does not taint our society in any way. Music makes people dance and let loose. Yes, Future (a popular rapper) talking about "sipping ace of spades like it's water" could pop different ideas into kids heads, but kids that are raised on a solid base of positive values will realize that this is merely a reflection of a culture. Every person makes choices every day that lead them to where they are in the present. Music doesn't make people chose to do anything, people make choices, whether they're positive or negative for their well being as long as they feel like they're doing something. The real issue with young generations is that many don't realize the magnitude of their choices due to poor/a lack of substantial parental advice. I speak as a 19 year old that has gone through this exact dilemma in my personal life. Don't blame the music, because people act on their own accord.

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