Reply To: Hospital scrubs the new fashion?


My mom has worked in pediatric centers, general wellness centers, emergency rooms, and has her masters in nursing (I'm not sure of the technicalities of her actual title but she's pretty cool), and from what I've seen, anyone working in a hospital must wear scrubs. When you see someone walking around in scrubs, look at their eyes. They're DEFINITELY exhausted. Scrubs are obviously not a fashion statement. I mean let's be honest, NO ONE is trying to impress anyone by wearing such a fashion atrocity in public. They simply do not care that they look like they're wearing bed sheets: They dont have a huge amount of time because anyone working in a hospital can/will be up until the late hours of the night. It isn't uncommon for Nurses to work 12 hour shifts with a small lunch break in between. They need to get things done just like the rest of us. On top of that, there's no Hospital Constitution stating that "Scrubs must be worn ONLY in the hospital". A better question, why is the focus on what they're wearing rather than how they might be feeling?

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