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I see that they are many different factors deciding if a person is ready for sex. The most basic one is biological; if you've gone through puberty then technically you are ready for sex. It is unbelievable to me that governments think they should be able to tell a person that even though they have gone through puberty they can't have sex. If we weren't meant to have sex until we are 25 then we wouldn't go through puberty and have sexual urges until that time. Our society is what has made us think that we have to wait and has created the other factors that play into being ready to have sex. Humans have created this society where we have to be educated and working 40 hours a week to survive. So now that has become a factor in it because we have to be able to make money to take care of children. And I think our society is what creates the factor of emotional readiness. We now have complex social relationships and are told that we are not ready for sex until we are adults. If a person is treated like a child until the age of 18 then they very well may act that way. So, in my opinion the only real factor in sexual readiness is if our bodies are physically ready. All other factors are created by society and its' moral and religious beliefs.

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