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It is so true that education has changed; I have been teaching for 30 years, and, unless you have taught at all in the public school system, you have no idea what it is really like. I am one of the few 'veterans' who truly love his job: I love the challenge, the way the students react when they have learned, and I love having a positive influence on the lives of young people. However, this 'No Child Left Behind' is pure bullshit: the whole thing is left in the hands of administrators who have no freaking clue on what they are doing. In California, we are so administratively top heavy it is ridiculous. No one wants to make the student responsible, we must make our class interesting for the low achiever. Yes, water down the classes for the slower students, yet don't ignore the high achievers, yet do it all with a slashed budget. My solution: get rid of 90% of the administrative crap, turn the classes back to the teachers, and make teaching a respectable position again. And, like Shakespeare said, 'Kill all the lawyers...'

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