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The reason women act 'snooty' toward poorer men seems self-explanatory to me. Although physical attraction is a good thing, it is NOT what women are after. The most attractive quality that a man can possess is POWER, power that poor men do not possess. Think about it in terms of biological needs. Men have the luxury of spreading their seed, so they seek the most women and the most attractive women to maximize their potential to reproduce. Women on the other hand can only give birth a few times, so they have to be more choosy. Who do women choose? The man that will best support her and the child, and the man who is the best and would yield the most genetically gifted offspring. People who are rich are usually associated with being intelligent, strong, ambitious, etc; while poor men are obviously just the slaves of the powerful until they themselves become powerful. As to why higher-class women are more choosy than lower-class women, they simply have been around more powerful men their whole lives (like their rich daddies, for example), and usually won't go down on the social ladder (why would they want to?).

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