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Iran is a very status oriented society and things like earning one's respect is very important. I know this because I'm an Iranian who grew up in the USA. Iranians who buy expensive jewelry or clothing and return it do so because of this 'status' factor. This is usually done before a cultural event or a wedding. It is important to wear nice clothing and jewelry as it consciously or subconsciously boosts one status or level of respect within the community. Also, Iranians are very frugal... some would even say they are 'cheap'. The USA is one of the few countries in the world where we can take something back if we don't like it. Iranians unfortunately abuse this return policy because they can, they save money, and they keep face within the community. Those of us who are a bit more westernized see this need to pursue status as ridiculous and superficial. But then again, we grew up in the USA.

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