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it should be noted that punks accross the board are anti-racist anarchists and leftists. if you listen to punk music, you'll find that every third song is against police brutality and the like. if you go to a free mumia march, you'll probably see more white punks than blacks. i've never heard of a racist punk. skinheads, on the other hand... i know it's hard to imagine, but a very sizable proportion of skinheads, sometimes known as sharps, are also anti-racist anarchists, but on the right side of the spectrum, and most of them are just kids who are realy into ska. the first skinheads were jamaicans, in fact, who had to shave their dreads off in order to work in british factories (around all that machinery). having said that, i can't imagine a racist, rightwing skin going to a rage against the machine show unless they were looking for trouble, as skinheads are often want to do.

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