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I think a lot of people who were picked on in school and at work have thought about getting revenge on bullies. It is pretty normal. I am glad to think that a lot of people have the better sense than to commit a crime to get back at someone. I think it is a real shame that the media and other people do not emphasize that the killers were also 'victims.' Injuries in the locker room from being beaten up do not show up on the news very often, or at all. Most people think of it as 'just learning to get along with others.' I think that attitude is total crap.

I don't agree with the way those students have settled their problems, especially because other students who may have not been involved were hurt or killed, but I think their message of 'be careful of who you step on' is legitimate, and if there are any bullies out there, I think you should be watching your back. Just because you are the stronger one now, that may only be a temporary situation. I know I sound angry, but I don't think a lot of people know how angry a person can become when they are just trying to be themselves, not hurting others, but society won't let them. Columbine was an example of this type of attitude or belief that 'if you don't share our same values, then you are not welcome.' Again,let me say that 'rules' of a society do change, and so does the power structure.

Let me emphasize to people who might think shooting someone, like was done at Columbine, has any justification: It doesn't. Also, there is life outside of high school. High school lasts for three or four years, and it is interesting to see how many of the 'losers' become extremely successful people, and how many 'beautiful people and jocks' become our employees. Like the joke says, 'What do you call a nerd in 15 years? Boss.'

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