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I'm not so sure about the 'individuality' thing anymore. The majority of my friends are marked up and strolling through Hollywood and elsewhere, and half of everyone and their cousin have tattoos and piercings in some form or another. And have you noticed many similarities? Dragons, Kanji lettering, barbed wire, stars (half the kids in Hollywood have a star on themselves somewhere), 'tribal' designs (uh,what tribe was that, again?); it's beginning to get cliched. I think some originality is in order.

In some cases tattooing can enhance the body's beauty by accentuating it. However, some tattoos just look like crap because they're cheaply done or ill-thought-out. If done properly and kept up, they'll be maintained in age, providing that the person follows proper skin care guidelines and goes in every several years for a touch up. I suggest that 'timeless' or 'highly unique' designs are the best bet, because that ultra-trendy floral armband you got as a sorority girl is going to be a laughing matter in 20 years. Also, if you don't want it to affect your career choices, make sure it can be covered up with a shortsleeve t-shirt. People who get full sleeves and mark up their hands and necks are pretty much 'black-marked' for life. As for piercings, I've bounced a few mosh pits and have witnessed or been told about many a fight, and that would be why I'll never get any.

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