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Tattooing and piercing are considered marks of beauty or even tribal identification in some cultures; it is mostly in the industrialized societies that it is considered 'savage.' While many adolescents have ignorantly appropriated body modification as just another fad designed to outrage their parents, some people, such as myself, have adopted it for spiritual purposes. In my case, as a link to the traditions of my ancestors, and as a rite of passage that was otherwise absent from my upbringing. I have a very good job, and my boss, who is relatively conservative and at a fairly high level on the social ladder, doesn't care that I have a tattoo. I also chose a design I felt a strong-enough affinity with that I knew I would be comfortable with it in my old age.

Beyond that, adolescents crave attention, negative or positive, and so far, body modification gets them what they want. They see their favorite movie stars and musicians with such markings, and want to emulate them in their quest to find themselves. Soon enough I believe even 'normal' people will have some sort of 'skin art,' even politicians, and that's when the kids will move on to something else. Meanwhile, the people who take it seriously will continue to express themselves in this manner, as they have for thousands of years.

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