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For some reason, newcomers are surprised at this "fashion trend" within Colorado. Particularly, late into the fall, the average daily weather is often very nice and sunny, with an occasional snow shower thrown in for color. We know (hope) the cold won't last, and the sun will soon return. Newcomers go into panic-mode and begin the layering process. As the winter progresses, we slowly admit to ourselves that yes, winter has arrived, and it's time to get out the parka. Besides, Denver gets a bad rap for its winters. We get a light dusting of snow, and Grandma in Florida calls at 3 a.m. to see how we're weathering the blizzard. It's our little secret. Weather in the Midwest is far more extreme. Besides, who ever said you can't wear a parka with flip-flops?

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Name : Shawn, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Gay, Race : White/Caucasian, Age : 33, City : Denver, State : CO Country : United States, Occupation : Designer, Education level : Over 4 Years of College, Social class : Middle class,