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Can't argue with most of your points, but you did hit one nerve! As an old school principal it pained me to see condoms passed out like bubble-gum, unwanted pregnancies and babies aborted, but it was part of my world. I reached a point where I could no longer deal with an insanely high rate of unplanned pregnancies and watching children have children or children have abortions or children be sexually abused by adults. I fought a battle in a conservative community that wanted only abstinence taught as sex-education. It was not a practical option for obvious reasons. Their children were not abstaining! I don't think anyone really wanted condoms and graphic sex-ed in our schools, but somebody had to deal with the symptoms, because the home value based system wasn't working. Both approaches need to be taught. As you have observed I have never figured out how so many young girls/women ended up with so little self-esteem. College would be planned for, scholarships obtained and then all of a sudden they are pregnant by some local yokel whose IQ is exceeded only by his hat size. Then they were off to play house until reality hit home. Everybody suffered. Girls are not toys. They are human beings who are capable and strong and can make informed decisions, but not if we continue to treat them like Barbie dolls who must be escorted by Ken in order to have a sense of self-worth. We need to make sure that young women come of age with a strong sense of themselves---regardless of what they eventually choose to do with their virginity.

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