Reply To: God: Who needs Him (or It, or Her)?


Joel Nicholas
I don't think God has been defined properly in the past (and at the present). I was raised in strict Catholicism, but my beliefs have changed drastically from that viewpoint of 'God'. Many people throw 'God' around like dirty laundry. Various renditions of 'God' have caused millions of people to be persecuted physically and mentally. I feel it is an absurd notion that people need 'God' to instill morality. I come to this conclusion because so many have suffered and so much corruption has stemmed from religious beliefs. Religion has been used to oppress one denomination of humanity, by another denomination of humanity. So it is hard to believe that any religion is correct. Apparently none of them have truly found 'God'. In fact 'God' isn't lost, and doesn't need to be found. Humans are lost, because we are still ignorant of the universe we find ourselves in. As an example, many religions have worshiped natural disasters as signs of 'God', but are they? Do you believe a thunderstorm is a sign of 'God' imposing his will? Or do you take a thunderstorm at its scientifically described, benign phenomenon? I do not wish to state that 'God' doesn't exist, because then I would be stating the same as those that state he does. I do feel that humanity must work together to figure out this universe so that we may understand life (all life, not just habitually bipedal hominids) and its purpose, if any purpose is to be found. I feel humans are very immature, and self centered. We feel as though we are it, and the universe is here for us. In a sense it is here for us, but we are owed nothing, we must humbly recognize that we are on our own, and should scientifically understand, learn, and respect the universes defining laws i.e. gravity, biology, thermodynamics, chemisty, and the unknown etc. Imagine if we all worked together without the interfence of a belief in 'God' or petty ethnic, or racial differences we would be better off. The fact that we are all human, with varying genetic expressions, should lead credence to the fact that the universe is not a static creation.

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